Bint al-Huda" daughter of guidance"

Amina Haidar Al-Sadr; known as Bint-al-Huda, tackled in her stories women’s issues of concern, at a time when love stories and translated pornographic literature flooded our Islamic world during the 1950's and 60's. The young generation suffered major psychological crises and schizophrenic situations. Islamic values and ethics became a source of embarrassment for the educated youth who fell in the trap of western deviation and disbelief.

Bint-al-Huda considers story writing as a tool to be used to revive Islamic concepts and values. She turns these concepts into living personalities with real life roles. She presents various models of defeated young girls who are encouraged to fight back and regain their confidence and strength to start a new, respected life. She encourages the young girl who is pressured by social non-Islamic traditions to fight back for her rights.

Despite her short life (1937-1980), Bint-al-Huda managed to create an awareness among the Iraqi women to the extent that this awareness became a common feature in society, embodied in Islamic dress, hijab--observed by the educated girls in schools, universities, government offices, etc...

No doubt, the ruling Ba'ath Party in Iraq, a secular regime, wouldn't allow such a promising personality to live, threatening the regime's false claims of freedom, justice and progress. Hence, Bint-al-Huda and her brother the great Muslim thinker, Ayatullah Sayid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, were arrested in early April 1980. A few
days later, on 9th April, 1980, after brutal torture they achieved blessed martyrdom.

The loss has never been compensated for since then. We lack Muslim women writers to counter so many secularist women writers in the Muslim world.

On the eleventh anniversary of her martyrdom, we present this book to our English readers. We hope every Muslim woman will follow in her footsteps and strive for the sake of our oppressed societies and oppressed women in particular.

Though deceased Bint-al-Huda will rejoice whenever a deviated soul finds the right path of the religion of Islam. Allah, the Almighty says, .'...And reckon not those who are killed in Allah's way as dead,. nay, they are alive... " (Aale-Imran: 168)

Here are some of her books: